2 Kings 11:13-16

ECB(i) 13 And Athal Yah hears the noise of the runners and of the people; and she comes to the people in the house of Yah Veh: 14 and she sees, and behold, the sovereign standing by a pillar according to the judgment; and the governors and the trumpeters by the sovereign; and all the people of the land cheering and blasting with trumpets: and Athal Yah rips her clothes and calls out, Conspiracy! Conspiracy! 15 And Yah Yada the priest misvahs the governors of the hundreds - the overseers of the valiant and says to them, Bring out her house by ranks: and deathify him who goes after with the sword: for the priest says, Deathify her not in the house of Yah Veh. 16 And they set hands on her and she goes the way of the entrance of the horses into the house of the sovereign: and there she is deathified.