Zechariah 10

Coverdale(i) 1 Praye the LORDE then by tymes to geue you the latter rayne, so shall the LORDE make cloudes, and geue you rayne ynough for all the increase off the felde: 2 For vayne is the answere of Idols. The soythsayers se lyes, and tell but vayne dreames: the comforth that they geue, is nothynge worth. Therfore go they astraye like a flocke of shepe, ad are troubled, because they haue no shepherde. 3 My wrothfull displeasure is moued at the shepherdes, and I will vyset the goates. For the LORDE of hoostes wil graciously vyset his flocke (the house of Iuda) and holde them as a goodly fayre horse in the batell. 4 Out of Iuda shal come the helmet, the nale, the batelbowe, and all the princes together. 5 They shalbe as the giauntes, which in the batell treade downe the myre vpon ye stretes. They shal fight, for ye LORDE shalbe with them, so that the horsmen shalbe confounded. 6 I wil coforte the house of Iuda, and preserue the house of Ioseph. I wil turne them also, for I pytie them: and they shal be like as they were, when I had not cast them of. For I the LORDE am their God, and wil heare them. 7 Ephraim shalbe as a giaunt, and their herte shalbe cherefull as thorow wyne: Yee their children shal se it, and be glad; and their herte shal reioyce in the LORDE. 8 I wil blowe for them & gather them together, for I wil redeme them. They shall increace, as they increased afore. 9 I wil sowe the amonge the people, yt they maye thinke vpo me in farre countrees: they shal lyue wt their childre, and turne agayne. 10 I wil bringe them agayne also from the londe of Egipte, and gather them out of Assiria. I wil carye them in to ye londe of Galaad and to Libanus, and they shal wante nothynge. 11 He shall go vpon the see of trouble, and smyte the see wawes: so yt all the depe floudes shalbe dryed vp. The proude boostinge of Assur shalbe cast downe, and the scepter off Egipte shall be taken awaye. 12 I will comforte them in the LORDE, that they maye walke in his name, saieth the LORDE.