Psalms 77

Coverdale(i) 1 I cried vnto God with my voyce, yee euen vnto God cried I with my voyce, & he herde me. 2 In the tyme of my trouble I sought the LORDE, I helde vp my hondes vnto him in the night season, for my soule refused all other comforte. 3 When I was in heuynesse, I thought vpo God: whe my hert was vexed, then dyd I speake. 4 Sela. Thou heldest myne eyes wakynge, I was so feble, that I coude not speake, 5 Then remembred I the tymes of olde, & the yeares that were past. 6 I called to remembraunce my songe in the night, I commoned with myne owne herte, and sought out my sprete. 7 Wil the LORDE cast out for euer? Wil he be nomore intreated? 8 Is his mercy cleane gone? Is his promyse come vtterly to an ende for euermore? 9 Hath the LORDE forgotten to be gracious? Or, hath he shut vp his louynge kyndnesse in displeasure? 10 Sela. At the last I came to this poynte, that I thought: O why art thou so foolish? the right honde of the most hyest can chaunge all. 11 Therfore wil I remembre the workes of the LORDE, and call to mynde thy wonders of olde tyme. 12 I wil speake of all thy workes, and my talkynge shalbe of thy doinges. 13 Thy waye (o God) is holy, who is so greate & mightie as God? 14 Thou art the God, that doth wonders, thou hast declared thy power amonge the people. 15 Thou with thine arme hast delyuered thy people, euen the sonnes of Iacob and Ioseph. 16 Sela. The waters sawe ye (o God) ye waters sawe ye, & were afrayed: ye depthes were moued. 17 The thicke cloudes poured out water, ye cloudes thodered, and thy arowes wente abrode. 18 Thy thonder was herde rounde aboute, the lighteninges shone vpon the grounde, the earth was moued and shoke withall. 19 Thy waye was in the see, and thy pathes in the greate waters, yet coude no man knowe thy fotesteppes. 20 Thou leddest thy people like a flocke of shepe, by the honde of Moses and Aaron.