Proverbs 2:10-16

Coverdale(i) 10 Yf wy?dome entre in to thine herte, and yi soule delyte in knowlege: 11 then shal councell preserue the, and vnderstondinge shal kepe the. 12 That thou mayest be delyuered fro ye euell waye, and from the man yt speaketh frowarde thinges. 13 From soch as leaue the hye strete, and walke i ye wayes of darcknesse: 14 which reioyse in doynge euell, and delyte i wicked thinges: 15 whose wayes are croked, and their pathes slaunderous. 16 That thou mayest be delyuered also from the straunge woman, and from her that is not thine owne: which geueth swete wordes,