Matthew 9

Coverdale(i) 1 Then entred he into a shipp, and passed ouer and came into his awne cite. 2 And lo, they brought vnto him a man sicke of ye palsie, lyinge in his bed. And when Iesus sawe the faith of the, he sayde to the sicke of ye palsie: my sonne, be of good cheare, thy sinnes are forgeue the. 3 And beholde, certeyne of the scribes sayde in them selues: this man blasphemeth. 4 But when Iesus sawe their thoughtes, he sayde: wherfore thinke ye euill in youre hertes?. 5 Whether ys it easier to saye: thy synnes be forgeue ye, or to saie: arise and walke? 6 But that ye maye knowe, that the sonne of man hath power to forgeue sinnes in earth, the sayde he vnto the sicke of ye palsye: arise, take vp thy bed, and go home. 7 And he arose and wente home. 8 hen ye people sawe it, they marueyled, & glorified God, which had geue soch power vnto men. 9 And as Iesus passed forth from thence, he sawe a man syt a receyuinge of custome, named Mathew, & sayde vnto him: folowe me. 10 And he arose, and folowed him. And it came to passe as he sat at meate in the house: beholde, many publicans and synners came and sat downe also with Iesus and hys disciples. 11 When the Pharises sawe that, they sayde to hys disciples: why eateth youre master with publicans and synners? 12 When Iesus herde that, he sayde vnto them: The whole nede not ye phisicio, but they that are sicke. 13 Go and learne, what that meaneth: I haue pleasure in mercy, and not in offerynge. For I am not come to call the righteous, but ye synners to repentaunce, 14 Then came the disciples of Ihon to hym sayinge: why do we & ye Pharises fast so oft: and thy disciples fast not? 15 And Iesus sayde vnto the: Can the weddynge chyldre mourne as loge as the bridegrome is with them? The tyme will come, when the bridegrome shalbe taken from them, and the shall they fast. 16 No man peceth an olde garment with a pece of newe clothe. For then taketh he awaye the pece agayne from the garment, & the rent ys made greater. 17 Nether do men put new wyne in to olde vessels, for then the vessels breake, and the wyne runneth out, & ye vessels peryshe, But they poure newe wyne in to newe vessels, and so are both saued together, 18 Whyle he thus spake vnto them, beholde there came a certayne ruler, and worshipped him, sayinge: My doughter is eue now deceased, but come and lay yi honde on her, and she shall liue. 19 Iesus arose and folowed hym with hys disciples. 20 And beholde, a woman which was diseased wt an yssue of bloude xij. yeres, came behynde hym, and touched the hem of hys vesture. 21 For she sayde in her silfe: yf I maye touche but euen his vesture only, I shalbe safe. 22 Then Iesus tourned him aboute, and behelde her, sayinge: Doughter be of good conforte, thy faith hath made ye safe. And she was made whole, euen that same houre. 23 And when Iesus came into the rulers house, and sawe the minstrels and the people raginge, 24 he sayde vnto them: Get you hece, for ye mayde is not deed, but slepeth. And they laughed hym to scorne. 25 But whan the people were put forth, he went in, and toke her by the honde, and the mayde arose. 26 And this was noysed through out all that londe. 27 And as Iesus departed thence, two blynde me folowed hym, cryinge and sayinge: O thou sonne of Dauid, haue mercy vpon vs. 28 And when he was come home, the blynde came to hym, And Iesus sayde vnto them Beleue ye, that I am able to do thys? And they sayde vnto hym: yee, LORDE. 29 Then touched he their eyes, sayinge: acordinge to youre fayth, be it vnto you. 30 And their eyes were opened. And Iesus charged the, sayinge: Se that no ma knowe of it. 31 But they departed, & spred abroade his name through out all the londe. 32 Whan these were gone out, beholde, they brought to hym a domme man possessed of a deuyll. 33 And whan the deuyl was cast out, the domme spake: And the people merueled sayinge: it was neuer so sene in Israel. 34 But ye Pharises sayde: he casteth out deuyls, thorow the chefe deuyll. 35 And Iesus wente aboute in all cities and townes, teachinge in their synagoges & preachyng ye gospel of ye kyngdome, & healinge all maner sicknes & all maner desease amoge the people. 36 And when he sawe the people, he had compassion on the, because they were pyned awaye, and scattered abroade, euen as shepe hauinge no shepherd, 37 Then sayde he to hys disciples: ye heruest is greate, but ye laborers are fewe. 38 Wherfore praye the LORDE of the haruest, to sende forth laborers into hys haruest.