Matthew 20

Coverdale(i) 1 The kyngdome of heauen is like vnto an housholder, which wete out early in the mornynge, to hyre labourers in to his vyniarde. 2 And wha he had agreed with the labourers for a peny a daye, he sent the in to his vynyarde. 3 And aboute ye thirde houre he wente out, and sawe other stondinge ydle in the market place, 4 and sayde vnto them: Go ye also in to my vynyarde, & what so euer is right, I wil geue it you. And they wete their waye. 5 Agayne, he wete out aboute the sixte and nyenth houre, and dyd likewyse, 6 And aboute the eleuenth houre he wete out, and founde other stodynge ydle, and sayde vnto them: Why stonde ye here all the daye ydle? 7 They sayde vnto him: because no man hath hyred us. He saide vnto the: Go ye also in to my vinyarde, and loke what is right, ye shal haue it. 8 Now whan euen was come, the lorde of the vynyarde sayde vnto his stewarde: Call the labourers, and geue them their hyre, begynnynge from the last vnto ye first. 9 Then they that were hyred aboute the eleuenth houre, came and receaued euery man a peny. 10 But whan the first came, they supposed that they shulde receaue more: and they also receaued euery man a peny. 11 And whan they had receaued it, they murmured agaynst the housholder, 12 and sayde: These last haue wrought but one houre, and thou hast made the equall vnto us, which haue borne the burthen and heate of the daye. 13 He answered and sayde vnto one of them: frende, I do ye no wronge: diddest not thou agree with me for a peny? 14 Take that thine is, and go thy waye. I wil geue vnto this last also, like as vnto the. 15 Or haue I not power, to do as me listeth with myne owne? Is thine eye euell, because I am good? 16 So the last shalbe the first, & the first the last. For many are called, but few are chosen. 17 And Iesus wente vp to Ierusalem, and toke the twolue disciples asyde in the waye, and sayde vnto them: 18 Beholde, we go vp to Ierusalem, and the sonne of man shalbe delyuered vnto the hye prestes and scribes: & they shal condemne him to death, 19 and shal delyuer him vnto ye Heithen, to be mocked to be scourged, and to be crucified. And the thirde daye he shal ryse agayne. 20 Then came vnto him the mother of Zebedes childre with hir sonnes, fell downe before him, and desyred a certayne thinge of hi. 21 And he saide vnto her: What wilt thou? She sayde vnto him: Let these two sonnes of myne syt in thy kyngdome: the one vpon thy right honde, & the other vpon thy left honde. 22 But Iesus answered, and sayde: Ye wote not what ye axe. Maye ye drynke the cuppe, that I shal drynke? & to be baptised with the baptyme, that I shalbe baptysed withall? 23 They sayde vnto him: Yee that we maye. And he sayde vnto them: My cuppe truly shal ye drynke, & with the baptyme yt I shal be baptysed withall, shal ye be baptysed: Neuertheles to syt vpon my right honde & on my left, is not myne to geue, but vnto the for who it is prepared of my father. 24 Whan the ten herde that, they disdayned at the two brethren. 25 But Iesus called them vnto him, and sayde: Ye knowe that ye prynces of the worlde haue domynacion of the people, and the greatest exercise power amonge the. 26 It shal not be so amonge you. But whoso euer wyl be greate amonge you, let him be youre mynister: 27 & who soeuer wyl be chefe, let him be youre seruaunt: 28 Euen as the sonne of man came, not to be serued, but to do seruyce, and to geue his life to a redepcion for many. 29 And when they departed from Iericho, moch people folowed him: 30 and beholde, two blyndemen sat by the waye syde: And when they herde that Iesus passed by, they cried & sayde. O LORDE, thou sonne Dauid,haue mercy vpon vs. 31 But ye people rebuked the, that they shulde holde their peace. Neuertheles they cried the more, & sayde: O LORDE, thou sonne of Dauid, haue mercy vpon vs. 32 And Iesus stode styll, and called them, and sayde: What wil ye, yt I shal do vnto you? 33 They sayde vnto him: LORDE, that oure eyes maye be opened. 34 And Iesus had compassion vpon them, and touched their eyes: & immediatly their eies receaued sight. And they folowed him.