Joshua 24:4-7

Coverdale(i) 4 and vnto Isaac I gaue Iacob and Esau, and gaue Esau mout Seir to possesse As for Iacob, & his childre, they wente downe in to Egipte. 5 Then sent I Moses and Aaron, and plaged Egipte as I haue done amonge the. 6 After yt brought I you and youre fathers out of Egipte. And whan ye came to ye see, and the Egipcians folowed vpon youre fathers with charettes and horse men vnto the reed see, 7 then cryed they vnto the LORDE, which put a darcknesse betwene you and the Egipcians, and broughte the see vpon them, and ouerwhelmed them. And youre eyes haue sene what I dyd to ye Egipcians, & ye dwelt in ye wildernes a loge season.