Job 29

Coverdale(i) 1 So Iob proceaded and wete forth in his communicacion, sayenge: 2 O yt I were as I was in the monethes by past, & in the dayes whe God preserued me: 3 when his light shyned vpon my heade: whe I wente after the same light & shyne eue thorow the darcknesse. 4 As it stode wt me, whe I was welthy & had ynough: whe God prospered my house: 5 when the allmightie was with me: when my housholde folkes stode aboute me: 6 whe my wayes ranne ouer wt butter, & when the stony rockes gaue me ryuers of oyle: 7 when I wente thorow the cite vnto the gate, & whe they set me a chayre in ye strete: 8 whe the yonge me (as soone as they sawe me) hyd the selues, & when the aged arose, & stode vp vnto me: 9 whe the princes left of their talkinge, & laied their hade to their mouth: 10 whe the mightie kepte still their voyce, and whe their tonges cleued to the rofe of their mouthes. 11 When all they yt herde me, called me happie: & when all they yt sawe me, wysshed me good. 12 For I delyuered ye poore whe he cried, & the fatherlesse yt wanted helpe. 13 He yt shulde haue bene lost, gaue me a good worde, & ye widdowes hert praised me. 14 And why? I put vpon me rightuousnes, which couered me as a garmet, & equite was my crowne. 15 I was an eye vnto the blynde, & a fote to the lame. 16 I was a father vnto the poore, & whe I knew not their cause, I sought it out diligetly. 17 I brake the chaftes of ye vnrightuous, & plucte the spoyle out of their teth. 18 Therfore, I thought verely, yt I shulde haue dyed in my nest: & yt my dayes shulde haue bene as many as the sondes of the see. 19 For my rote was spred out by the waters syde, & the dew laye vpo my corne. 20 My honor encreased more & more, and my bowe was euer the stronger in my hande. 21 Vnto me men gaue eare, me they regarded, & wt sylence they taried for my coucell. 22 Yf I had spoken, they wolde haue it none other wayes, my wordes were so well taken amonge the. 23 They wayted for me, as the earth doth for the rayne: & gaped vpon me, as the groude doth to receaue the latter shower. 24 When I laughed, they knew well it was not earnest: & this testimony of my coutenaunce pleased the nothinge at all. 25 When I agreed vnto their waye, I was the chefe, & sat as a kynge amonge his seruauntes: Or as one that comforteth soch as be in heuynesse.