Ezekiel 7:2-12

Coverdale(i) 2 The I call, O thou sonne off man. Thus saieth the LORDE God vnto the londe off Israel: The ende commeth, yee verely the ende commeth vpon all the foure corners off the earth. 3 But now shall the ende come vpon the: for I will sende my wrath vpo the, and wil punysh the: acordinge to thy wayes, and rewarde the after all thy abhominacios. 4 Myne eye shall not ouersee the, nether will I spare the: but rewarde the, acordinge to thy waies, and declare thy abhominacions. Then shall ye knowe, that I am the LORDE. 5 Thus saieth the LORDE God: Beholde, one mysery and plage shall come after another: 6 the ende is here. The ende (I saye) that waiteth for the, is come already, 7 ye houre is come agaynst the, that dwellest in the londe. The tyme is at honde, the daye of sedicio is hard by, & no glad tidinges vpo the moutaynes. 8 Therfore, I will shortly poure out my sore displeasure ouer the, and fulfill my wrath vpon the. I will iudge the after thy waies, and recompence the all thy abhominacions. 9 Myne eye shal not ouersee the, nether wil I spare the: but rewarde the after thy waies, and shewe thy abhominacions: to lerne you for to knowe, how yt I am the LORDE, yt smyteth. 10 Beholde, the daye is here, the daye is come, the houre is runne out, the rodde florisheth, wylfulnesse waxeth grene, 11 malicious violece is growne vp, and the vngodly waxen to a staff. Yet shall there no complaynte be made for them, ner for the trouble that shall come of these thinges. 12 The tyme cometh, the daye draweth nye: Who so byeth, let him not reioyce: he that selleth, let him not be sory: for why, Trouble shall come in the myddest off all rest: