Ezekiel 35

Coverdale(i) 1 Morouer, the worde of the LORDE came vnto me, sayenge: 2 Thou sonne of man, turne thy face towarde the mount Seir, prophecy vpon it, 3 & saye vnto it: Thus saieth the LORDE God: Beholde, (o thou mount Seir) I will vpon the, I will reach out myne hode ouer the, yee waist & desolate wil I make the. 4 Thy cities wil I breake downe, & thou shalt lye voyde: that thou mayest knowe, how that I am the LORDE. 5 For so moch as thou bearest an olde enemyte agaynst the children of Israel, & with a cruel honde hast made them afrayed, what tyme as they were troubled & punyshed for their synne: 6 Therfore, as truly as I lyue (saieth ye LORDE God) I wil prepare the vnto bloude, yee bloude shal folowe vpon the: seinge thou layest waite for bloude, therfore shall bloude persecute the. 7 Thus wil I make the mount Seir desolate & waist, and bringe to passe, that there shall no man go thither, ner come from thence. 8 His mountaynes wil I fyll wt his slayne men: thy hilles, dales and valleys shal lye full of them, that are slayne with ye swearde. 9 I wil make the a perpetuall wildernesse, so that noman shal dwell in thy cities: yt ye maye knowe, how yt I am the LORDE. 10 And because thou hast sayde: what, both these nacions and both these londes must be myne, & I wil haue them in possession, where as the LORDE was there. Therfore, thus saieth the LORDE God: 11 As truly as I lyue, I will hadle the acordinge to thy wrath and gelousy, like as thou hast dealt cruelly with them: that I maye be knowne amoge them, how I haue punyshed the 12 Yee and that thou also mayest be sure, that I the LORDE haue herde all thy despyteful wordes, which thou hast spoke agaynst the mountaynes of Israel, sayenge: Lo, they are made waist, and geuen vs to deuoure. 13 Thus with youre mouthes ye haue made youre boost agaynst me, yee & multiplied youre proude wordes agaynst me, which I haue herde altogether. 14 Where vnto, thus saieth ye LORDE God: when the whole worlde is in wealth, then wil I make the waist. 15 And like as thou (o mount Seir) wast glad, because the heretage of the house of Israel was destroyed: euen so wil I do vnto the also, that thou and whole Edom shall be destroyed, & knowe, that I am the LORDE.