Isaiah 61

CLV(i) 1 The spirit of My Lord Yahweh is on Me, because Yahweh anoints Me to bear tidings to the humble. He sends Me to bind up the broken hearted, to herald to captives, liberty, and, to the blind, the unclosing of the eyes, and, to the bound, to take the jubilee, 2 to herald an acceptable year for Yahweh, and a day of vengeance for our Elohim. To comfort all mourners, 3 to give rejoicing to the mourners of Zion, to give to them beauty instead of ashes, the oil of elation instead of mourning, the muffler of praise instead of dimness of spirit. And they are called arbiters of righteousness, the planting of Yahweh, to beautify Himself." 4 And they will build the places deserted for an eon; the former desolations shall they raise. And they will renew the cities deserted; the desolations of generation after generation shall they raise. 5 And aliens will stand and graze your flocks, and sons of foreigners will be your farmers and your vineyardists." 6 And you, priests of Yahweh shall be called, "Ministers of our Elohim,to you shall be said. The estate of nations shall you eat, and with their glory you shall change yourselves." 7 Instead of your shame, a second portion is yours, and for confounding they shall jubilate in their portion. Wherefore, in their land a second portion shall they tenant. And rejoicing eonian shall come to be on their heads." 8 For I, Yahweh, am a lover of judgment, and a hater of pillage by iniquity. And I give them their wage in truth, and a covenant eonian will I contract with them." 9 And known among the nations is their seed, and their offspring in the midst of the peoples. All seeing them shall recognize them, that they are the seed blessed by Yahweh Elohim." 10 With elation will I be elated in Yahweh. My soul shall exult in my Elohim. For he clothes me with the garments of salvation, and in the robe of righteousness will He muffle me, as a bridegroom with a priestly beautiful turban, and as a bride is ornamenting herself with her outfit." 11 For as the earth is bringing forth her sprouts, and as the garden is causing its sowings to sprout, so, my Lord Yahweh Elohim will cause righteousness to sprout, and praise, in front of all the nations."