Genesis 19

CLV(i) 1 And coming are two of the messengers to Sodom in the evening. And Lot is sitting in the gateway of Sodom. And seeing them is Lot, and rising is he to meet them. And prostrating is he, nostrils to the earth. 2 And saying is he, "Behold, pray, my lords! Withdraw, pray, to the house of your servant and lodge and wash your feet, and rise early and go on your way.And saying are they, "No, for in the square will we lodge. 3 And urging them is he exceedingly. And withdrawing are they to him, and coming to his house. And making is he for them a feast, and he bakes unleavened bread, and they are eating. 4 Ere they are lying down, then mortals of the city, mortals of Sodom, surround the house, from the lad even unto the elder, the entire people, from the outmost parts. 5 And calling are they to Lot, and saying to him, "Where are the mortals who came to you tonight? Bring them forth to us, and we will know them. 6 And forth to them is Lot faring, to the portal, yet the door he closes after him. 7 And saying is he to them, "Pray, you must not, my brethren, do evil!" 8 Behold, pray, my two daughters who have not known a man. Pray, forth will I bring them to you, and do you to them as is good in your eyes. But to these mortals you must not do anything evil, for therefore come they into the shadow of my rafters. 9 Yet saying are they, "Come close you, beyond.And saying are they, "The one who came to sojourn is judging, even as a judge! Now we will do more evil to you than to them.And urging are they the man Lot exceedingly, and close are they coming to break the door. 10 And stretching forth are the mortals their hands and bringing Lot to them into the house, and the door they close. 11 And the mortals who are at the portal of the house they smite with dazzlings, from the small to the great, so they are tiring themselves trying to find the portal. 12 And saying are the mortals to Lot, "Still any of yours here, sons-in-law, or your sons or your daughters, all who are yours in the city, bring forth from this place, 13 for ruining are we this place, for great is the cry concerning them before the face of Yahweh, and sending us is Yahweh to wreck it. 14 And forth is Lot faring, and is speaking to his sons-in-law, who took his daughters, and is saying. "Rise! Forth from this place, for ruining is Yahweh the city!"And becoming is he as one making fun, in the eyes of his sons-in law. 15 And as dawn ascends, then rushing are the messengers Lot, saying, "Rise! Take your wife and your two daughters, who are found, and come out, lest you be swept up in the depravity of the city. 16 Yet dallying is he, and fast hold are the mortals taking of his hand and the hand of his wife and the hands of his two daughters, at Yahweh's sparing him. And forth are they bringing him, and leaving him outside the city. 17 And coming is it, as they bring them forth outside. They are saying also, "Be sure to escape with your soul! You must not look behind you, and you must not stand in any part of the basin. Escape to the mountain, lest you be swept up!" 18 And saying is Lot to them. "It must not be, pray, Yahweh!" 19 Behold, pray! Your servant finds grace in Your eyes, and magnifying are You Your kindness which You do to me in preserving alive my soul. Yet I, I cannot escape to the mountain, lest evil cling to me and I die. 20 Behold, pray! This city is near to flee there, and it is inferior. Pray, escape shall I there--Is it not inferior?--and live shall my soul. 21 And saying is He to him, "Behold! Lifted up have I your face, even as to this matter, to avoid My overturning the city of which you speak. 22 Hasten! Escape there, for not a thing can I do till you come there.Therefore he calls the name of the city Zoar. 23 The sun comes forth over the earth when Lot comes to Zoar. 24 And Yahweh rains on Sodom and on Gomorrah sulphur and fire from Yahweh, from the heavens. 25 And overturning is He these cities and the entire basin, and all dwelling in the cities and everything sprouting from the ground. 26 Yet looking back is his wife from behind him, and becoming is she a monument of salt. 27 And early is Abraham rising in the morning to go to the place where he had stood before the face of Yahweh. 28 And gazing is he on the surface of Sodom and Gomorrah and on all the surface of the land of the basin, and is seeing, and behold! Up go the fumes of the land as the fumes of a limekiln. 29 And coming is it, as Yahweh Elohim wrecks all the cities of the basin, remembering also is the Elohim Abraham and is sending Lot from the midst of the overturning when Yahweh overturns the cities in which Lot dwelt. 30 And up is Lot going from Zoar, and dwelling in the mountain, and his two daughters with him, for he fears to dwell in Zoar. And dwelling is he in a cave, he and his two daughters with him. 31 And saying is the firstborn to the inferior in station, "Our father is old, and man there is none in the earth to come on us as is the way of the entire earth. 32 Go! Give will we our father wine to drink, and lie with him and keep alive seed from our father. 33 And giving are they their father wine to drink in that night. And coming is the firstborn, and lying with her father in that night, and he knows not her lying nor her rising. 34 And coming is it on the morrow that the firstborn is saying to the inferior in station, "Behold! I lay yesternight with our father. We will give him wine to drink tonight, moreover. And you come, lie with him, and we will keep alive seed from our father. 35 And, moreover, they are giving their father wine to drink in that night, and rising is the inferior in station, and is lying with her father. And he knows not her lying nor her rising. 36 And pregnant are the two daughters of Lot by their father. 37 And bearing is the firstborn a son, and is calling his name Moab, saying, "From my father.He is the forefather of Moab till this day. 38 And the inferior in station, she, moreover, bears a son, and is calling his name Ben-Ammi. He is the forefather of the sons of Ammon till this day.