Bishops(i) 1 Tobias was of the tribe & citie of Nepthali, which lyeth in the hye countreys of Galilee aboue Naasson, beside ye way that leadeth to the west, hauyng the citie of Sephet vpon the left side. 2 Though he was taken prisoner in the dayes of Salmanasar king of the Assyrians, neuerthelesse beyng in captiuitie, he forsoke not the way of trueth: 3 In so much that whatsoeuer he might get, he parted it dayly with his felowe prisoners and brethren that were of his kinred. 4 And though he were younger then al in the tribe of Nephthali, yet did not he behaue him selfe childyshly in his workes. 5 And when all the other went to the golden calues whiche Ieroboam the king of Israel had made, he alone fled al their companies, 6 And gat him to Hierusalem vnto the temple of the Lorde, and there worshipped the Lord God of Israel, faythfully offering of al his first fruites and tithes: 7 So that in the thirde yere, he ministred all the tithes vnto the straungers and conuertes. 8 These and such like thinges dyd he obserue according to the law of God when he was yet but young. 9 But when he was a man, he toke out of his owne tribe a wyfe called Anna: and of her he begat a sonne, whom he called after his owne name, 10 And taught him from his youth vp to feare God, and to refrayne from al sinne, 11 Now when he with his wife, his sonne, and with all his kinred, was come in captiuitie vnto the citie of Niniue, 12 What time as they all dyd eate of the meates of the heathen: he kept his soule, and was neuer defiled in their meates. 13 And for so much as he was mindeful of the Lorde in all his heart, God gaue him fauour in the sight of Salmanasar the king, 14 Which gaue him power to go where he woulde, and so had he libertie to do whatsoeuer he woulde. 15 So went Tobias vnto all them that were in captiuitie [and comforted them] and gaue them wholsome exhortations. 16 And when he came to Rages a citie of the Medes, hauing ten talentes of siluer (of the thinges wherewith the king had honoured him) 17 And sawe among a great companie of people of his kinred, one Gabelus which was of his owne tribe, beyng in necessite, he gaue him the sayde wayght of siluer vnder an hande writyng. 18 After a long season, when Salmanasar the kyng was dead, and Sennacherib his sonne raigned in his steade, which hated the children of Israel: 19 Tobias went dayly throughout all his kinrede, and comforted them, and gaue of his goods to euery one of them as much as he might. 20 He fed the hungry, clothed the naked, and buried the dead and slayne, and that diligently. 21 And when Sennacherib the king came agayne and fled out of Iurie (what time as god punished him for his blasphemie) & in his wrath slue many of the children of Israel: Tobias buried their bodies. 22 But when it was told the king, he commaunded to slay him, and toke away all his goodes. 23 Neuerthelesse, Tobias with his sonne and with his wyfe, fled his way naked, and was hyd: for there were many that loued hym. 24 But after fourtie and fiue dayes the king was slayne of his owne sonnes: 25 Then came Tobias againe to his house, and all his goodes were restored vnto him.