Proverbs 14

Bishops(i) 1 Wyse women vpholde their house: but a foolishe wyfe plucketh it downe 2 He that walketh vpryghtlye, feareth the Lorde: but he that turneth hym selfe from his wayes, dispiseth hym 3 In the mouth of the foolishe is the rodde of pryde: but the lippes of the wyse wyll preserue them 4 Where no oxen are, there the cribbe is emptie: but much encrease commeth by the toyle of the oxe 5 A faithfull witnesse will not dissemble: but a false recorde wyll make a lye 6 A scornfull body seketh wisdome, and fyndeth it not: but knowledge is easie vnto hym that wyll vnderstande 7 Get thee from a foolishe man, when thou perceauest not in hym the lippes of knowledge 8 The wisdome of the circumspect man, is to vnderstande his way: but the foolishnesse of the vnwise, deceaueth 9 Fooles make but a sport of sinne: but there is a fauourable loue among the ryghteous 10 The heart knoweth his owne soules bitternesse: and the straunger shall not be partaker of his ioy 11 The house of the vngodly shalbe ouerthrowen: but the tabernacle of the righteous shall florishe 12 There is a way which seemeth right vnto a man: but the ende therof are the wayes of death 13 The heart is sorowfull euen in laughter, and the ende of myrth is heauinesse 14 A backe slydyng heart shalbe fylled with his owne wayes: but a good man shall depart from hym 15 An ignorant body beleueth euery worde: but who so hath vnderstanding, loketh well to his goynges 16 A wyse man feareth, and departeth from euyll: but the foole is angry, and counteth hym selfe sure 17 An vnpatient man dealeth foolishly: but he that is well aduised, is hated [of the foole. 18 The ignoraunt haue foolishnesse in possession: but the wyse are crowned with knowledge 19 The euyll shall bowe them selues before the good: and the vngodly shall wayte at the gates of the ryghteous 20 The poore is hated euen of his owne neyghbours: but the riche hath many frendes 21 Who so dispiseth his neighbour, sinneth: but blessed is he that hath pitie of the poore 22 Without doubt they erre that worke wickednesse: but they that muse vpon good thynges, vnto such shall happen mercie and trueth 23 In euery labour there is some profite: but vayne wordes bryng foorth onely penurie 24 Riches are as a crowne vnto the wise: but the ignoraunce of fooles is very foolishnesse 25 A faythfull witnesse deliuereth soules: but a deceiptfull witnesse bryngeth foorth lyes 26 In the feare of the Lord is an assured strength: and his children are vnder a sure defence 27 The feare of the Lorde is a well of lyfe, to auoyde the snares of death 28 In the multitude of people is the kynges honour: but the decay of the people is the confusion of the prince 29 He that is patient hath much vnderstanding: but he that is soone displeased, exalteth foolishnesse 30 A mery heart is the lyfe of the body: but enuie consumeth away the bones 31 He that doth a poore man wrong, blasphemeth his maker: but who so honoureth him, hath pitie on the poore 32 The vngodly is cast away for his iniquitie: but the ryghteous hath a good hope, euen in death 33 Wisdome resteth in the heart of hym that hath vnderstandyng, and it shalbe knowen among them that are vnlearned 34 Righteousnesse setteth vp the people: but the sacrifice of the heathen is sinnefull 35 A discrete seruaunt is a pleasure vnto the kyng: but his wrath is agaynst hym that doth dishonour hym