BDB9632 [H3808 H3809]

לָא (לָה Dan 4:32) adverb not (Biblical Hebrew לא; Aramaic of Têma, Egyptian, etc., לא; Nerab ל (Lzb301 CookG1. 67); ᵑ7 לָא; Syriac ); — not Jer 10:11; Dan 2:5; Dan 2:9; Dan 2:10, etc.; before a participle (so rarely in Biblical Hebrew, 1 b c), Dan 2:27; Dan 2:43; Dan 3:16; Dan 4:4; Dan 4:6; Dan 4:15 +, so v.Dan 4:32 וְכָלדָּֿאְרֵי אַרְעָא כְּלָה חֲשׁיבִין; are as men not accounted of (so Bev Behrm Marti, compare Isa 53:8 ᵑ7 בסירין ולא חשׁיבין; > most 'accounted as nothing,' for which no analogy, yet compare Ps 39:6 ᵑ7); followed by אִיתַי, see אִיתַי. With infinitive and לְ Dan 6:9 דִּי לָא לִהַשְׁנָיָה which it is not to alter = which is not to be altered (compare v.Dan 6:16), Ezra 6:8 (K§ 67, 1 Dr§ 202, 2.; compare Isa 35:6 ᵑ7, DAramaic Dialektproben, p. 1). With interr. הֲלָא Dan 3:24; Dan 4:27; Dan 6:13.

The Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon
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Source: provided by Tim Morton, the developer of Bible Analyzer