BDB9729 [H5446 H5445]


סַבְּכָא see שַׂבְּכָא.

[סְבַל] verb si vera lectio bear, carry a load (see Biblical Hebrew); —

Po`. Passive participle אֻשֹּׁ֫הִי מְסוֺבְלִים (K§ 36 GGA, 1884, 1016) Ezra 6:3 its foundations (be) raised (Thes and others; WCG 203, 225), very dubious; HptGu on the passage conjectures ׳מְס ׳אֶשֹּׁהִ his (God's) fire-offerings they bring (Assyrian Zabâlu), so (hesitantly) Berthol.

The Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon
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