BDB923 [H916]

בְּדֹ֫לַח noun [masculine] probably bdellium (ᵑ6 ; ᵑ7 בְּדוּלְחָא; etymology dubious; LagGes. Abh. 20 proposes Sanskrit udûkhala) with article ׳הַבְּ, apparently therefore well known; one of the products of the land Havilah Gen 2:12 used in simile of colour of manna וְעֵינוֺ כְּעֵין הַבְּדֹלַח Num 11:7. — Meaning somewhat uncertain; ᵐ5 Gen 2:12 ἄνθραξ, Num 11:7 κρύσταλλος; Saad AW Ki Bo and others pearls, compare Lag Or. ii. 44; JosAnt. «JOSEPHUS:Antiquities 3:1»iii. 1. 6 Aq Theod Symm ᵑ7 most bdellium, an odoriferous transparent gum, of yellowish colour. (compare SmithDict. Bible SigismundAromata, 18.)

The Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon
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