BDB922 [H913]

בְּדִיל noun [masculine] alloy, tin, dross (originally that which is separated from precious metal; compare PlinHist. Nat. xxiv. 16, xxxiii. 9) — ׳בּ absolute Num 31:22 + 4 t.; Plural suffix בְּדִילָ֑יִךְ Isa 1:25

1. alloy, Isa 1:25 figurative of evil of Jerusalem, which ׳י will remove (הֵסִיר; || סִגָ֑יִךְ).
2. tin (plumbum album) Num 31:22 (P; + זָהָב, כֶּסֶף, נְחשֶׁת, בַּרְזֶל, עֹפָ֑רֶת); figurative of Israel Ezek 22:18 (+ נְחשֶׁת, בַּרְזֶל, עוֺפֶרֶת); in simile vEzek 22:20 (+ id. + כֶּסֶף); as article of commerce brought to Tyre from Tarshish Ezek 27:12 (+ כֶּסֶף, בַּרְזֶל, עוֺפֶרֶת).
3. plummet, הָאֶבֶן הַבְּדִיל (appositive) Zech 4:10.

The Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon
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Source: provided by Tim Morton, the developer of Bible Analyzer