BDB7481 [H7075]

קִנְיָן noun [masculine] thing got or aquired, acquisition (Aramaism, Lag BN:205); absolute ׳ק Ezek 38:12; Ezek 38:13 constructקִנְיַן Lev 22:11 suffix קִנְיָָֽנְךָ Prov 4:7 +, etc.; —

1. thing acquired by purchase קִנְיַן כֶּסֶף Lev 22:11 (H; compare מִקְנָה); of property Gen 34:23; Gen 36:6; Josh 14:4 (all P), Ezek 38:12; Ezek 38:13 (in all distinguished from מִקְנֶה cattle); || בַּיִת Ps 105:21 מִקְנֵח קִנְיָנוֺ Gen 31:18 (P; probably doublet, ᵐ5 omitted); בְּכָלקִֿנְיָֽנְךָ קְנֵה בִינָה Prov 4:7 with (or at the price of) all that thou hast acquired, get understanding.
2. more generally: collective creatures ᵐ5 κτίσις Ps 104:24 (compare √ 1 a).

The Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon
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