BDB3089 [H2717]

II. [חָרֵב] be waste, desolate (Late Hebrew חָרֵב id.; Aramaic חֲרוֺב be laid waste; Zinjirli חרב adjective; Arabic be in ruins, waste, depopulated; Assyrian —arâbu, be waste, DlPr 175, —uribtu, desert, LotzTP); —

Qal Imperfect 3 feminine singular תֶּחֱרַ֔ב Jer 26:9, תֶּחֱרָ֔ב Isa 34:10 3 masculine plural יֶחֶרְבוּ Ezek 6:6, יֶחֱרָ֑בוּ Amos 7:9; Isa 60:12 3 feminine plural תֶּחֱרַבְנָה Ezek 6:6; Ezek 12:20 Imperative חָרְבוּ (so, not חָֽרְבוּ — Theile — see van d. H Hahn i. 244) Jer 2:12 Infinitive absolute חָרֹב Isa 60:12be waste, desolate; of sanctuaries of Israel Amos 7:9 (|| נָשַׁמּוּ), of altars Ezek 6:6 of cities Jer 26:9; Ezek 6:6; Ezek 12:20 (|| שׁמם); of nations Isa 34:10, חָרֹב יֶחֱרָ֑בוּ Isa 60:12 (|| יאֹבֵדוּ); figurative, in address to the heavens חָרְבוּ מְאֹד Jer 2:12 — (|| שֹׁמּוּ, וְשַׂעֲרוּ), be very desolate (at sins of Israel); others, be amazed, astounded (on relation of meanings see שׁמם). Niph`al Participle feminine נֶחֱרֶבֶת Ezek 26:19 as adjective, desolate city, i.e. uninhabited, see context; נַחֲרָבוֺת Ezek 30:17 of desolate countries (|| נָשַׁמּוּ). Hiph`il Perfect הֶחֱרִיב Ezek 19:17 1 singular הֶחֱרַבְתִּי Zeph 3:6 3 plural הֶחֱרִיבוּ Isa 37:18; 2Kgs 19:17 Imperfect 1 singular אַחֲרִיב Isa 42:15 Participle מַחֲרִיב Judg 16:24 plural with suffix מַחֲרִיבַיִךְ Isa 49:17lay waste, make desolate, human subject; nations and lands Isa 37:18 = 2Kgs 19:17; Isa 42:15, compare participle Isa 49:17 (|| מְהָֽרְסַיִךְ); add probably with We Amos 4:9 (הֶחֱרַבְתִּי for the untranslateable הַרְבּוֺת) I have devastated your gardens and vineyards; participle Judg 16:24 desolater of our country (|| הִרְבָּה אֶתחֲֿלָלֵנ֑וּ); object cities Ezek 19:7 streets Zeph 3:6 (|| נָשַׁמּוּ). Hoph`al Perfect 3 feminine singular הָחֳרָ֑בָה Ezek 26:2 she is laid waste, of a city; Participle מָחֳרָבוֺת Ezek 29:12 laid waste, of cities (|| שׁמם).

The Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon
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