G2865 κομίζω - Strong's Greek Lexicon Number

LSJ Gloss:
to take care of, provide for
I bring, receive, recover
(a) act: I convey, bring, carry, (b) mid: I receive back, receive what has belonged to myself but has been lost, or else promised but kept back, or: I get what has come to be my own by earning, recover.
properly, to provide for, i.e. (by implication) to carry off (as if from harm; genitive case obtain)
Derivation: from a primary κομέω (to tend, i.e. take care of);

KJV Usage: bring, receive.

1) to care for, take care of, provide for
2) to take up or carry away in order to care for and preserve
3) to carry away, bear off
4) to carry, bear, bring to, to carry away for one's self, to carry off what is one's own, to bring back
4a) to receive, obtain: the promised blessing
4b) to receive what was previously one's own, to get back, receive back, recover

From a primary word κολυμβος kolumbos (to tend, that is, take care of); properly to provide for, that is, (by implication) to carry off (as if from harm; generally obtain)

KJV Usage: bring, receive.

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11 occurrences of G2865 κομίζω

Matthew 25:27
Luke 7:37
2 Corinthians 5:10
Ephesians 6:8
Colossians 3:25
Hebrews 10:36
Hebrews 11:19
Hebrews 11:39
1 Peter 1:9
1 Peter 5:4
2 Peter 2:13

Corresponding Hebrew Words

komizo H2987 yeval aph.
komizo H3947 laqach
komizo H5375 nasa