Luke 17:3-5

JMNT(i) 3 "Be habitually holding your attention and your selves toward each other, and thus be considerate of and devoted to one another. If your brother (or: fellow believer; group or family member) should make a mistake or fail (may miss the goal or fall short; or: happens to sin or go into error), respectfully give him honorable advice and let him know of his value. Then, if he should change his mind and his thinking [while turning to Yahweh], make the [issue] flow away from him (or: forgive and release him). 4 "Even if he should (or: may) be a failure unto you (or: sin into you) seven times a day, and then seven times should turn around to you, time after time saying, 'I continue in the process of changing my thinking [and am turning to Yahweh],' you will proceed making it flow away from him (or: be repeatedly forgiving and habitually releasing him)." 5 And later, the commissioned ones (the emissaries; the sent-ones) said to the Lord, "Apply faith for us (= Be our faith; or: Apply trust in us; = Trust us; or: Put faith toward us; = Give us faith; or: Add faith to us; Increase trust in us; or: Deliver loyalty and faithfulness to us; or: Attribute reliability to us; Set us toward confidence)."