Daniel 9:26

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  26 H310 ואחרי And after H7620 השׁבעים weeks H8346 שׁשׁים threescore H8147 ושׁנים and two H3772 יכרת be cut off, H4899 משׁיח shall Messiah H369 ואין but not H5892 לו והעיר the city H6944 והקדשׁ and the sanctuary; H7843 ישׁחית shall destroy H5971 עם for himself: and the people H5057 נגיד of the prince H935 הבא that shall come H7093 וקצו and the end H7858 בשׁטף thereof with a flood, H5704 ועד and unto H7093 קץ the end H4421 מלחמה of the war H2782 נחרצת are determined. H8074 שׁממות׃ desolations