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There, Thither

[ 1,,G1563, ekei ]
(a) there," e.g., Matthew 2:13, frequently in the Gospels;
(b) "thither," e.g., Luke 17:37; in Romans 15:24, "thitherward."

[ 2,,G1566, ekeise ]
properly, "thither," signifies "there" in Acts 21:3; Acts 22:5. In the Sept., Job 39:29.

[ 3,,G1564, ekeithen ]
"thence," is rendered "there" in Acts 20:13. See THENCE.

[ 4,,G1759, enthade ]
"here, hither," is rendered "there" in Acts 10:18. See HERE, HITHER.

[ 5,,G847, autou ]
the genitive case, neuter, of autos, he, lit., "of it," is used as an adverb, "there," in Acts 18:19; Acts 21:4 (in some texts in Acts 15:34). See HERE.


(1) In Luke 24:18; Acts 9:38, "there" translates the phrase en aute, "in it."

(2) In John 21:9, "there" is used to translate the verb keimai.

(3) In Matthew 24:23 (2nd part), AV, hode, "here" (RV), is translated "there."

(4) In Acts 17:21, "there" forms part of the translation of epidemeo, "to sojourn," "sojourning there," RV ("which were there," AV).

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