Talent - Vine's Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words


[ A-1,Noun,G5007, talanton ]
originally a balance," then, "a talent in weight," was hence "a sum of money" in gold or silver equivalent to a "talent." The Jewish "talent" contained 3,000 shekels of the sanctuary, e.g., Exodus 30:13 (about 114 lbs.). In NT times the "talent" was not a weight of silver, but the Roman-Attic "talent," comprising 6,000 denarii or drachmas, and equal to about f240. It is mentioned in Matthew only, Matthew 18:24; Matthew 25:15-Matthew 25:16, Matthew 25:20 (twice in the best texts), Matthew 25:22 (thrice), Matthew 25:24-Matthew 25:25, Matthew 25:28 (twice). In Matthew 18:24 the vastness of the sum, 10,000 talents (f2,400,000), indicates the impossibility of man's clearing himself, by his own efforts, of the guilt which lies upon him before God.

Note: That the "talent" denoted "something weighed" has provided the meaning of the Eng. word as "a gift or ability," especially under the influence of the parable of the talents (Mat. 25:14-30).

[ B-1,Adjective,G5006, talantiaios ]
denotes "of a talent's weight," Revelation 16:21.

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