Space - Vine's Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words


[ A-1,Noun,G1292, diastema ]
an interval, space" (akin to B), is used of time in Acts 5:7.

[ B-1,Verb,G1339, diistemi ]
"to set apart, separate" (dia, "apart," histemi, "to cause to stand"), See A, is rendered "after the space of" in Luke 22:59; in Acts 27:28, with brachu, "a little," RV, "after a little space" (AV, "when they had gone a little further"). See PART.


(1) In Acts 15:33; Revelation 2:21, AV, chronos, "time" (RV), is translated "space."

(2) In Acts 19:8, Acts 19:10, epi, "for or during" (of time), is translated "for the space of;" in Acts 19:34, "about the space of."

(3) In Acts 5:34, AV, brachu (the neuter of brachus, "short"), used adverbially, is translated "a little space" (RV "... while").

(4) In Galatians 2:1, dia, "through," is rendered "after the space of," RV, stressing the length of the period mentioned (AV, "after," which would represent the preposition meta).

(5) In James 5:17 there is no word in the original representing the phrase "by the space of," AV (RV, "for").

(6) In Revelation 14:20, AV, apo, "away from," is translated "by the space of" (RV, "as far as").

(7) In Revelation 17:10, AV, oligon, "a little while" (RV), is rendered "a short space."

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