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Ship, Shipping

[ 1,,G4143, ploion ]
akin to pleo, to sail," a boat or a ship, always rendered appropriately "boat" in the RV in the Gospels; "ship" in the Acts; elsewhere, James 3:4; Revelation 8:9; Revelation 18:17 (in some mss.), Revelation 18:19. See BOAT, No. 2.

[ 2,,G4142, ploiarion ]
a diminutive form of No. 1, is translated "ship" in the AV of Mark 3:9; Mark 4:36; John 21:8; "(took) shipping" in John 6:24, AV, RV "(got into the) boats." See BOAT, No. 1.

[ 3,,G3491, naus ]
denotes "a ship" (Lat. navis, Eng. "nautical," "naval," etc.), Acts 27:41. Naus, in classical Greek the ordinary word for a "ship," survived in Hellenistic Greek only as a literary word, but disappeared from popular speech (Moulton, Proleg., p. 25). Blass (Philology of the Gospels, p. 186) thinks the solitary Lucan use of naus was due to a reminiscence of the Homeric phrase for beaching a "ship."

Note: For epibaino, Acts 21:6, "we took ship," See TAKE, Note (16).

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