Revelation 18:19

  19 G2532 CONJ και G906 (G5627) V-2AAI-3P εβαλον G5522 N-ASM χουν G1909 PREP επι G3588 T-APF τας G2776 N-APF κεφαλας G846 P-GPM αυτων G2532 CONJ και G2896 (G5707) V-IAI-3P εκραζον G2799 (G5723) V-PAP-NPM κλαιοντες G2532 CONJ και G3996 (G5723) V-PAP-NPM πενθουντες G3004 (G5723) V-PAP-NPM λεγοντες G3759 INJ ουαι G3759 INJ ουαι G3588 T-NSF η G4172 N-NSF πολις G3588 T-NSF η G3173 A-NSF μεγαλη G1722 PREP εν G3739 R-DSF η G4147 (G5656) V-AAI-3P επλουτησαν G3956 A-NPM παντες G3588 T-NPM οι G2192 (G5723) V-PAP-NPM εχοντες G4143 N-APN πλοια G1722 PREP εν G3588 T-DSF τη G2281 N-DSF θαλασση G1537 PREP εκ G3588 T-GSF της G5094 N-GSF τιμιοτητος G846 P-GSF αυτης G3754 CONJ οτι G1520 A-DSF μια G5610 N-DSF ωρα G2049 (G5681) V-API-3S ηρημωθη
  19 G2532 And G906 they cast [G5627]   G5522 dust G1909 on G846 their G2776 heads G2532 , and G2896 cried [G5707]   G2799 , weeping [G5723]   G2532 and G3996 wailing [G5723]   G3004 , saying [G5723]   G3759 , Alas G3759 , alas G3173 , that great G4172 city G1722 , wherein G3739   G4147 were made rich [G5656]   G3956 all G2192 that had [G5723]   G4143 ships G1722 in G2281 the sea G1537 by reason of G846 her G5094 costliness G3754 ! for G3391 in one G5610 hour G2049 is she made desolate [G5681]  .
ERV(i) 19 And they cast dust on their heads, and cried, weeping and mourning, saying, Woe, woe, the great city, wherein were made rich all that had their ships in the sea by reason of her costliness! for in one hour is she made desolate.