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[ 1,,G3954, parrhesia ]
freedom of speech, boldness," is used adverbially in the dative case and translated "openly" in Mark 8:32, of a saying of Christ; in John 7:13, of a public statement; in John 11:54, of Christ's public appearance; in John 7:26; John 18:20, of His public testimony; preceded by the preposition en, "in," John 7:4, lit., "in boldness" (cp. John 7:10, RV, "publicly"). See BOLD, B.

[ 2,,G5318, phaneros ]
manifestly, openly: See EVIDENT, B.


(1) In Galatians 3:1, "openly set forth" translates the verb prographo, lit., "to write before," as of the OT, Romans 15:4 (cp. Jude 1:4), and of a previous letter, Ephesians 3:3. In Galatians 3:1, however, "it is probably used in another sense, unexampled in the Scriptures but not uncommon in the language of the day, == 'proclaimed,' 'placarded,' as a magistrate proclaimed the fact that an execution had been carried out, placarding his proclamation in a public place. The Apostle carries on his metaphor of the 'evil eye;' as a preventive of such mischief it was common to post up charms on the walls of houses, a glance at which was supposed to counteract any evil influence to which a person may have been subjected. 'Notwithstanding,' he says, in effect, 'that the fact that Christ had been crucified was placarded before your very eyes in our preaching, you have allowed yourselves to be ... fascinated by the enemies of the Cross of Christ, when you had only to look at Him to escape their malignant influence;' cp. the interesting and instructive parallel in Numbers 21:9." * [* From Notes on Galatians, by Hogg and Vine, pp. 106,107]

(2) In some mss. in Matthew 6:4, Matthew 6:6, Matthew 6:18, the phrase en to phanero, lit., "in the manifest," is found (AV, "openly"); See the RV

(3) For emphanes, rendered "openly" in Acts 10:40, AV, See MANIFEST.

(4) In Acts 16:37, AV, the dative case of the adjective demosios, "belonging to the people" (demos, "a people"), "public" (so RV), used adverbially, is translated "openly;" in Acts 18:28; Acts 20:20, "publicly." For the adjective itself, "public," See Acts 5:18. See PUBLIC.

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