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Lead, Led

[ 1,,G71, ago ]
to bear, bring, carry, lead," is translated by the verb "to lead," e.g., in Mark 13:11; Luke 4:1; Luke 4:9, RV; Luke 4:29; Luke 22:54; Luke 23:1, AV only; Luke 23:32; John 18:28 (present tense, RV); Acts 8:32; metaphorically in Romans 2:4, of the goodness of God; Romans 8:14; Galatians 5:18, of the Spirit of God; 1 Corinthians 12:2, of the powers of darkness instigating to idolatry; 2 Timothy 3:6, of divers lusts (in some mss., aichmaloteuo). In Luke 24:21 ago is used of the passing (or spending) of a day, and translated "it is (now the third day);" here the verb is probably to be taken impersonally, according to idiomatic usage, in the sense "there is passing the third day." See BRING, No. 10, KEEP, Note

[ 2,,G321, anago ]
"to lead up" (ana, "up"), is used of Christ in being "led" up by the Spirit into the wilderness, Matthew 4:1 Luke 4:5 (AV, "taking up"); by the elders of the people into their council, Luke 22:66, "led away." See BRING, No. 11.

[ 3,,G520, apago ]
"to lead away" (apo, "away"), is used of a way "leading" to destruction, Matthew 7:13; to life, Matthew 7:14; of those who "led" Christ away from Gethsemane, Mark 14:44; in some mss., John 18:13, to Annas (the best mss. have No. 1 here); to Caiaphas, Matthew 26:57; Mark 14:53; to Pilate, Matthew 27:2; to the Praetorium, Mark 15:16; to crucifixion, Matthew 27:31; Luke 23:26; in some mss. John 19:16; of "leading" an animal away to watering, Luke 13:15; of being "led" away to idolatry, 1 Corinthians 12:2, RV, "led away" (AV, "carried away"). Some mss. have it in Acts 24:7 (AV, "took away"). It is translated "bring" in Acts 23:17. In Acts 12:19 it signifies "to put to death." See BRING, No. 12, DEATH, C, No. 3.

[ 4,,G4013, periago ]
used transitively, denotes "to lead about," 1 Corinthians 9:5. For the intransitive use, See GO, No. 9.

[ 5,,G5342, phero ]
"to bear, carry," is used metaphorically of a gate, as "leading" to a city, Acts 12:10. See BRING, No. 1.

[ 6,,G3594, hodegeo ]
"to lead the way;" See GUIDE, B, No. 1.

[ 7,,G1521, eisago ]
"to bring into," is translated "to be led into" in Acts 21:37, AV (RV, "to be brought into"). See BRING, A, No. 13.

[ 8,,G4879, sunapago ]
always in the Passive Voice, "to be carried or led away with," is translated "being led away with" in 2 Peter 3:17, AV (RV, "being carried away with"). See CARRY.

[ 9,,G1806, exago ]
"to lead out," is rendered by the verb "to lead, out or forth," in Mark 15:20 (in some mss. in Mark 8:23, the best have ekphero, "to bring out);" Luke 24:50; John 10:3; Acts 7:36, Acts 7:40 (AV "brought"), and Acts 13:17, RV; Acts 21:38; Hebrews 8:9. See BRING, No. 14.

[ 10,,G399, anaphero ]
"to carry or lead up," is translated "leadeth ... up" in the AV of Mark 9:2 (RV "bringeth ... up"). See BRING, No. 2.

[ 11,,G1533, eisphero ]
"to bring in, or into," is translated "lead (us not) into," in Matthew 6:13; Luke 11:4 (RV, "bring ... into"), of temptation. See BRING, No. 4.

[ 12,,G4105, planao ]
"to lead astray" (akin to plane, "a wandering"), is translated "lead ... astray," metaphorically, in Matthew 24:4-Matthew 24:5, Matthew 24:11; Mark 13:5-Mark 13:6 (AV, "deceive").

[ 13,,G635, apoplanao ]
"to cause to go astray" (apo, "away from," and No. 12), is used metaphorically of "leading into error," Mark 13:22, RV, "lead astray" (AV, "seduce"); Passive Voice in 1 Timothy 6:10 (AV, "erred").


(1) In Revelation 13:10, some mss. have sunago, "to bring together," translated "leadeth (into captivity)," AV and RV marg. (RV text, "is for").

(2) For the verb diago, "to lead a life," 1 Timothy 2:2, See LIVE, No. 7.

(3) For thriambeuo, to "lead in triumph," 2 Corinthians 2:14, RV, See TRIUMPH.

(4) See also HAND (lead by the).

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