Land - Vine's Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words


[ A-1,Noun,G1093, ge ]
in one of its usages, denotes
(a) land" as distinct from sea or other water, e.g., Mark 4:1; Mark 6:47; Luke 5:3; John 6:21;
(b) "land" as subject to cultivation, e.g., Luke 14:35 (See GROUND);
(c) "land" as describing a country or region, e.g., Matthew 2:20-Matthew 2:21; Matthew 4:15; Luke 4:25; in Luke 23:44, RV, "(the whole) land," AV, "(all the) earth;" Acts 7:29; Hebrews 11:9, RV, "a land (not his own)," AV "a (strange) country;" Jude 1:5. In Acts 7:11 the AV follows a reading of the noun with the definite article which necessitates the insertion of "land." See EARTH.

[ A-2,Noun,G5561, chora ]
is used with the meaning "land,"
(a) of a country, region, e.g., Mark 1:5; Luke 15:14; sometimes translated "region," e.g., Matthew 4:16; Luke 3:1; Acts 8:1; Acts 13:49; Acts 16:6;
(b) of property, Luke 12:16, "ground." See COUNTRY, A, No. 3.

[ A-3,Noun,G5564, chorion ]
a diminutive of No. 2, in form, but not in meaning, is translated "land" in the sense of property, in Acts 4:34; Acts 5:3, Acts 5:8; Acts 28:7, RV, "lands" (AV, "possessions"). See FIELD, GROUND, A, No. 4, PLACE, POSSESSION.

[ A-4,Noun,G68, agros ]
"a field," or "piece of ground," or "the country" as distinct from the town, is translated "lands" in Matthew 19:29; Mark 10:29-Mark 10:30; Acts 4:37 (cp. No. 3 in Acts 4:34). See COUNTRY, A, No. 1, FARM, FIELD, GROUND.

[ B-1,Adjective,G3584, xeros ]
"dry," "dry land," Matthew 23:15 (ge, "land," being understood); Hebrews 11:29; See DRY.

Note: In Luke 4:26, the RV, "in the land (of)" and AV, "a city (of)," represent no word in the original, but give the sense of the phrase.

[ C-1,Verb,G2718, katerchomai ]
"to come down, or go down, descend," is used of coming to port by ship, in Acts 18:22, "landed;" Acts 21:3 (ditto); Acts 27:5, "came to." See COME, No. 7, GO, Note


(1) In Acts 28:12, RV, katago, "to bring down," used as a nautical term in the Passive Voice, is translated "touching" (AV, "landing").

(2) In Acts 21:3, some mss. have the verb katago, with reference to Cyprus.

(3) In Acts 20:13, pezeuo, "to travel by land" or "on foot" (pezos, "on foot;" pous, "a foot"), is translated "to go by land," RV, AV, "to go afoot," and RV marg., "to go on foot."

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