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Inquire, Inquiry (make)

[ A-1,Verb,G4441, punthanomai ]
to inquire," is translated "inquired" in Matthew 2:4; Acts 21:33, RV (AV, "demanded"); in Luke 15:26; Luke 18:36; Acts 4:7 (AV, "asked"); "inquired" (AV, "inquired") in John 4:52; "inquire" (AV, "inquire") in Acts 23:20; in Acts 23:34 it denotes "to learn by inquiry," AV, and RV, "when (he) understood;" elsewhere it is rendered by the verb "to ask," Acts 10:18, Acts 10:29; Acts 23:19. See ASK, UNDERSTAND.

[ A-2,Verb,G2212, zeteo ]
"to seek," is rendered "inquire" in John 16:19; "inquire ... for" in Acts 9:11. See ABOUT, B, Note, DESIRE, ENDEAVOR, GO, Note
(2), a, REQUIRE, SEEK.

[ A-3,Verb,G1331, dierotao ]
"to find by inquiry, to inquire through to the end" (dia, intensive, erotao, "to ask"), is used in Acts 10:17.

[ A-4,Verb,G1833, exetazo ]
"to examine, seek out, inquire thoroughly," is translated "inquire" in Matthew 10:11, AV (RV, "search out"); in John 21:12, "durst inquire," RV [AV, "(durst) ask"]; in Matthew 2:8, RV, "search out" (AV, "search"). See ASK, SEARCH.


(1) Epizeteo, "to seek after or for" (epi, "after," zeteo, "to seek"), is rendered "inquire" in Acts 19:39, AV (RV, "seek").

(2) Sunzeteo, "to search" or "examine together," is rendered "to inquire" in Luke 22:23, AV (RV, "to question").

(3) Ekzeteo, "to seek out, search after," is rendered "have inquired" in 1 Peter 1:10, AV (RV, "sought").

(4) Diaginosko, "to ascertain exactly," or "to determine," is rendered "inquire" in Acts 23:15, AV (RV, "judge").

(5) Akriboo, "to learn by diligent or exact inquiry," is rendered "inquired diligently" and "had diligently inquired" respectively, in Matthew 2:7, Matthew 2:16, AV (RV, "learned carefully," and "had carefully learned").

(6) In 2 Corinthians 8:23, the words "any inquire" are inserted to complete the meaning, lit., "whether about Titus."

[ B-1,Noun,G2214, zetesis ]
primarily denotes "a search;" then, "an inquiry, a questioning, debate;" it forms part of a phrase translated by the verb "to inquire," in Acts 25:20, RV, "how to inquire," lit. "(being perplexed as to) the inquiry." See QUESTION.

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