Habitation - Vine's Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words


[ 1,,G3613, oiketerion ]
a habitation" (from oiketer, "an inhabitant," and oikos, "a dwelling"), is used in Jude 1:6, of the heavenly region appointed by God as the dwelling place of angeles; in 2 Corinthians 5:2, RV, "habitation," AV, "house," figuratively of the spiritual bodies of believers when raised or changed at the return of the Lord. See HOUSE.

[ 2,,G2732, katoiketerion ]
(kata, "down," used intensively, and No. 1), implying more permanency than No. 1, is used in Ephesians 2:22 of the church as the dwelling place of the Holy Spirit; in Revelation 18:2 of Babylon, figuratively, as the dwelling place of demons.

[ 3,,G2733, katoikia ]
"a settlement, colony, dwelling" (kata, and oikos, See above), is used in Acts 17:26, of the localities Divinely appointed as the dwelling places of the nations.

[ 4,,G1886, epaulis ]
"a farm, a dwelling" (epi, "upon," aulis, "a place in which to pass the night, a country house, cottage or cabin, a fold"), is used in Acts 1:20 of the habitation of Judas.

[ 5,,G4633, skene ]
akin to skenoo, "to dwell in a tent or tabernacle," is rendered "habitations" in Luke 16:9, AV (RV, "tabernacles"), of the eternal dwelling places of the redeemed. See TABERNACLE.

[ 6,,G4638, skenoma ]
"a booth," or "tent pitched" (akin to No. 5), is used of the Temple as God's dwelling, as that which David desired to build, Acts 7:46 (RV, "habitation," AV, "tabernacle"); metaphorically of the body as a temporary tabernacle, 2 Peter 1:13-14. See TABERNACLE.

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