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Ground, Grounded

[ A-1,Noun,G1093, ge ]
the eath, land," etc., often denotes "the ground," e.g., Matthew 10:29; Mark 8:6. See EARTH.

[ A-2,Noun,G1475, edaphos ]
"a bottom, base," is used of the "ground" in Acts 22:7, suggestive of that which is level and hard. Cp. B, No. 1, below.

[ A-3,Noun,G5561, chora ]
"land, country," is used of property, "ground," in Luke 12:16, "the ground (of a certain rich man)." See COUNTRY.

[ A-4,Noun,G5564, chorion ]
a diminutive of No. 3, "a piece of land, a place, estate," is translated "parcel of ground" in John 4:5. See FIELD.

[ A-5,Noun,G1477, hedraioma ]
"a support, bulwark, stay" (from hedraios, "steadfast, firm;" from hedra, "a seat"), is translated "ground" in 1 Timothy 3:15 (said of a local church); the RV marg., "stay" is preferable.


(1) In Mark 4:16 the RV rightly has "rocky places" (petrodes) for AV, "stoney ground."

(2) In Acts 27:29, for the AV, "rocks" the RV has "rocky ground," lit., "rough places," i.e., a rocky shore.

(3) In Luke 14:18, agros, "a field," is translated "a piece of ground," AV, RV, "a field." See FIELD.

[ B-1,Verb,G1474, edaphizo ]
akin to A, No. 2: See DASH.

[ B-2,Verb,G2311, themelioo ]
signifies "to lay the foundation of, to found" (akin to themelios, "a foundation;" from tithemi, "to put"), and is rendered "grounded" in Ephesians 3:17, said of the condition of believers with reference to the love of Christ; in Colossians 1:23, of their continuance in the faith. See FOUND.

[ C-1,Adverb,G5476, chamai ]
(akin to Lat., humi, "on the ground," and homo, "man"), signifies "on the ground," John 9:6, of the act of Christ in spitting on the "ground" before anointing the eyes of a blind man; in John 18:6, "to the ground," of the fall of the rabble that had come to seize Christ in Gethsemane.

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