Divine - Vine's Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words


[ A-1,Adjective,G2304, theios ]
Divine" (from theos, "God"), is used of the power of God, 2 Peter 1:3, and of His nature, 2 Peter 1:4, in each place, as that which proceeds from Himself. In Acts 17:29 it is used as a noun with the definite article, to denote "the Godhead," the Deity (i.e., the one true God). This word, instead of theos, was purposely used by the Apostle in speaking to Greeks on Mars Hill, as in accordance with Greek usage. Cp. DIVINITY. In the Sept., Exodus 31:3; Exodus 35:31; Job 27:3; Job 33:4; Proverbs 2:17.

[ B-1,Noun,G2999, latreia ]
akin to latreuo, "to serve," primarily, any service for hire, denotes in Scripture the service of God according to the requirements of the Levitical Law, Romans 9:4; Hebrews 9:1, Hebrews 9:6, "Divine service." It is used in the more general sense of service to God, in John 16:2; Romans 12:1. See SERVICE.

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