H7358 רחם - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

From H7355; the womb (compare H7356)

KJV Usage: matrix, womb.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions


1. womb
a. womb
b. womb-man, woman-slave, woman, two women
Origin: from H7355
TWOT: 2146a
Parts of Speech: Noun Masculine

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26 occurrences of H7358 רחם

Genesis 20:18 all the wombs
Genesis 29:31 her womb:
Genesis 30:22 her womb.
Exodus 13:2 the womb
Exodus 13:12 the womb,
Exodus 13:15 the womb,
Exodus 34:19 the womb
Numbers 3:12 the womb
Numbers 8:16 every womb,
Numbers 12:12 womb.
Numbers 18:15 the womb
1 Samuel 1:5 her womb.
1 Samuel 1:6 her womb.
Job 3:11 I not from the womb?
Job 10:18 from the womb?
Job 24:20 The womb
Job 31:15 us in the womb?
Job 38:8 of the womb?
Psalms 22:10 upon thee from my birth:
Psalms 58:3 from the womb:
Psalms 110:3 from the womb
Jeremiah 1:5 thee; and before thou wast born
Jeremiah 20:17 me not in the womb;
Jeremiah 20:17 and her womb
Jeremiah 20:18 out of the womb
Hosea 9:14 womb

Distinct usage

5 the womb
3 her womb.
2 the womb,
1 all the wombs
1 her womb:
1 every womb,
1 womb.
1 I not from the womb?
1 from the womb?
1 us in the womb?
1 of the womb?
1 upon thee from my birth:
1 from the womb:
1 from the womb
1 thee; and before thou wast born
1 me not in the womb;
1 and her womb
1 out of the womb
1 womb

Corresponding Greek Words

rechem G1064 gaster
rechem G2836 koilia
rechem G3388 metra