H6177 ערעור ערער ערוער - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

ערעור ערער ערוער
‛ărô‛êr ‛ărô‛êr ‛ar‛ôr
ar-o-ayr', ar-o-ayr', ar-ore'
The same as H6176; nudity of situation; Aroer, the name of three places in or near Palestine

KJV Usage: Aroer.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions

ערעור ערער ערוער
Aroer = "ruins"
1. a city on the north bank of the river Arnon, the southern point of the territory of Sihon the king of the Amorites and later of Reuben; modern 'Arair'
2. a city in Ammon near the Jabbok belonging to Gad
3. a town in southern Judah
Origin: the same as H6176
TWOT: None
Parts of Speech: Proper Name Location

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16 occurrences of H6177 ערעור ערער ערוער

Numbers 32:34 and Aroer,
Deuteronomy 2:36 From Aroer,
Deuteronomy 3:12 from Aroer,
Deuteronomy 4:48 From Aroer,
Joshua 12:2 from Aroer,
Joshua 13:9 From Aroer,
Joshua 13:16 was from Aroer,
Joshua 13:25 to Aroer
Judges 11:26 and in Aroer
Judges 11:33 them from Aroer,
1 Samuel 30:28 And to them who were in Aroer,
2 Samuel 24:5 in Aroer,
2 Kings 10:33 from Aroer,
1 Chronicles 5:8 in Aroer,
Isaiah 17:2 of Aroer
Jeremiah 48:19 of Aroer,

Distinct usage

6 From Aroer,
2 in Aroer,
1 and Aroer,
1 was from Aroer,
1 to Aroer
1 and in Aroer
1 them from Aroer,
1 And to them who were in Aroer,
1 of Aroer
1 of Aroer,