H6170 ערגה ערוּגה - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

ערגה ערוּגה
‛ărûgâh ‛ărûgâh
ar-oo-gaw', ar-oo-gaw'
Feminine passive participle of H6165; something piled up (as if (figuratively) raised by mental aspiration), that is, a parterre

KJV Usage: bed, furrow.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions

ערגה ערוּגה

1. garden terrace or bed
Origin: pass. part. of H6165
TWOT: 1691a
Parts of Speech: Noun Feminine

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4 occurrences of H6170 ערגה ערוּגה

Song of Songs 5:13
Song of Songs 6:2
Ezekiel 17:7
Ezekiel 17:10

Corresponding Greek Words

arugah G5357 phiale