H5496 סוּת - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

Perhaps denominative from H7898; properly to prick, that is, (figuratively) stimulate; by implication to seduce

KJV Usage: entice, move, persuade, provoke, remove, set on, stir up, take away.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions



1. to incite, allure, instigate, entice
a. (Hiphil)
1. to incite (to a request)
2. to allure, lure
3. to instigate (bad sense)
Origin: perhaps denominative from H7898
TWOT: 1481
Parts of Speech: Verb

to incite
1) to incite, allure, instigate, entice
1a) (Hiphil)
1a1) to incite (to a request)
1a2) to allure, lure
1a3) to instigate (bad sense)

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19 occurrences of H5496 סוּת

Deuteronomy 13:6 shall entice
Joshua 15:18 to him, that she moved
Judges 1:14 to him, that she moved
1 Samuel 26:19 hath pricked
2 Samuel 24:1 and he moved
1 Kings 21:25 stirred up.
2 Kings 18:32 when he persuadeth
1 Chronicles 21:1 and tempted
2 Chronicles 18:2 that he had with him, and persuaded
2 Chronicles 18:31 moved
2 Chronicles 32:11 persuade
2 Chronicles 32:15 you, nor persuade
Job 2:3 although thou didst move
Job 36:16 would he have removed
Job 36:18 he take
Job 36:18 away
Isaiah 36:18 persuade
Jeremiah 38:22 have set thee on,
Jeremiah 43:3 setteth thee on

Distinct usage

2 to him, that she moved
2 persuade
1 and he moved
1 when he persuadeth
1 and tempted
1 that he had with him, and persuaded
1 moved
1 you, nor persuade
1 have set thee on,
1 although thou didst move
1 shall entice
1 would he have removed
1 stirred up.
1 setteth thee on
1 he take
1 away
1 hath pricked

Corresponding Greek Words

sut hi G654 apo strepho
sut hi. G538 apatao
sut hi. G1311 dia phtheiro
sut hi. G3346 meta tithemi
sut hi. G3870 para kaleo
sut hi. G4820 sum bouleuo

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H7898 שׁית shayith

From H7896; scrub or trash, that is, wild growth of weeds or briers (as if put on the field)

KJV Usage: thorns.