BDB5548 [H5496]

[סוּת] verb Hiph`il incite, allure, instigate (Late Hebrew Hiph`il, id.); —

Hiph`il Perfect 3 masculine singular suffix הֱִ˜סיתְךָ 1Sam 26:19, הֲסֵיתְךָ Job 36:16 3 feminine singular הֵסַ֫תָּה 1Kgs 21:25 (Ges«GKC:72w»§ 72w i. 460); 3 plural suffix הִסִּית֫וּךָ Jer 38:22 (Ges«GKC:72ee»§ 72ee); Imperfect 3 masculine singular יַסִּית 2Kgs 18:32 + 2 t., but also וַיָּ֫סֶת 2Sam 24:1; 1Chr 21:1, suffix יְִ˜סיתְךָ Deut 13:7; Job 36:18, etc.; Participle מַסִּית Jer 43:3; 2Chr 32:11
1. a. incite to make a request (with accusative of person + infinitive) Judg 1:14 (on text see GFM) = Josh 15:18.
\ \ b. allure מִמֶּנּוּ וַיְסִיתֵם 2Chr 18:31 and God allured them away from him (si vera lectio; strike out clause as gloss Be Kit); so also Job 36:16 according to De Hi Bu and others; he allureth thee out of the mouth of distress, but Di Du freedom hath seduced thee; for meaning seduce, entice, compare also vJob 36:18.
2. instigate, in bad sense, with accusative of person, + בְּ against, 1Sam 26:19; 2Sam 24:1; Jer 43:3; Job 2:3 with accusative of person alone 1Kgs 21:25; 2Kgs 18:32 = Isa 36:18, compare 2Chr 32:15; Deut 13:7; Jer 38:22 + infinitive 1Chr 21:1; 2Chr 18:2; 2Chr 32:11.

סוּת noun see סוה

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