H4759 מראה - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

Feminine of H4758; a vision; also (causatively) a mirror

KJV Usage: looking glass, vision.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions



1. vision
a. mode of revelation
2. mirror
Origin: from H4758
TWOT: 2095g,2095h
Parts of Speech: Noun Feminine

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12 occurrences of H4759 מראה

Genesis 46:2 in the visions
Exodus 38:8 of the lookingglasses
Numbers 12:6 to him in a vision,
1 Samuel 3:15 the vision.
Ezekiel 1:1 visions
Ezekiel 8:3 me in the visions
Ezekiel 40:2 In the visions
Ezekiel 43:3 and the visions
Daniel 10:7 the vision:
Daniel 10:7 not the vision;
Daniel 10:8 vision,
Daniel 10:16 by the vision

Distinct usage

2 in the visions
1 to him in a vision,
1 the vision.
1 visions
1 me in the visions
1 the vision:
1 not the vision;
1 by the vision
1 of the lookingglasses
1 and the visions
1 vision,

Corresponding Greek Words

marah G545 apeithes
marah G3701 optasia
marah G4088 pikria

Related words

H4759 מראה

H4758 מראה mar'eh

From H7200; a view (the act of seeing); also an appearance (the thing seen), whether (real) a shape (especially if handsome, comeliness; often plural the looks), or (mental) a vision

KJV Usage: X apparently, appearance (-reth), X as soon as beautiful (-ly), countenance, fair, favoured, form, goodly, to look (up) on (to), look [-eth], pattern, to see, seem, sight, visage, vision.

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