H4753 מור מר - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

מור מר
môr môr
more, more
From H4843; myrrh (as distilling in drops, and also as bitter)

KJV Usage: myrrh.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions

מור מר

1. myrrh
a. an Arabian gum from the bark of a tree, used in sacred oil and in perfume
Origin: from H4843
TWOT: 1248b
Parts of Speech: Noun Masculine

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11 occurrences of H4753 מור מר

Exodus 30:23
Esther 2:12
Psalms 45:8
Proverbs 7:17
Song of Songs 1:13
Song of Songs 3:6
Song of Songs 4:6
Song of Songs 4:14
Song of Songs 5:1
Song of Songs 5:5
Song of Songs 5:13

Corresponding Greek Words

mor G4666 smurna