H1688 דּבר דּביר - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

דּבר דּביר
de bı̂yr de bir
deb-eer', deb-eer'
The second form used in Joshua 13:26 (but see H3810); the same as H1687; Debir, the name of an Amoritish king and of two places in Palestine

KJV Usage: Debir.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions


דּבר דּביר
Debir = "sanctuary" n pr m
1. the king of Eglon, one of the five kings hanged by Joshua n pr loc
2. a town in the mountains of Judah west of Hebron and given to the priests and a city of refuge
3. a place on the northern boundary of Judah
4. a town in the territory of Gad
Origin: the same as H1687
TWOT: None
Parts of Speech:

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14 occurrences of H1688 דּבר דּביר

Joshua 10:3 and to Debir
Joshua 10:38 with him, to Debir;
Joshua 10:39 to Debir,
Joshua 11:21 from Debir,
Joshua 12:13 of Debir,
Joshua 13:26 of Debir;
Joshua 15:7 toward Debir
Joshua 15:15 of Debir:
Joshua 15:15 of Debir
Joshua 15:49 which is Debir,
Joshua 21:15 and Debir
Judges 1:11 of Debir:
Judges 1:11 of Debir
1 Chronicles 6:58 Debir

Distinct usage

2 of Debir:
2 of Debir
1 and to Debir
1 with him, to Debir;
1 of Debir,
1 of Debir;
1 toward Debir
1 which is Debir,
1 and Debir
1 Debir
1 to Debir,
1 from Debir,

Related words


H3810 לדבר לדבר לו דבר לא דבר lô' de bar lô de bar lidbir lôde bar

לדבר לדבר לו דבר לא דבר
lô' de bar lô de bar lidbir lôde bar
(1,2) lo deb-ar', lid-beer', lo-deb-ar'
From H3808 and H1699; pastureless; lo Debar, a place in Palestine

KJV Usage: Debir, Lo-debar.

H1687 דּבר דּביר de bı̂yr debir

דּבר דּביר
de bı̂yr debir
deb-eer', deb-eer'
From H1696 (apparently in the sense of oracle); the shrine or innermost part of the sanctuary

KJV Usage: oracle.