G2541 Καῖσαρ - Strong's Greek Lexicon Number

Caesar, a surname of the gens Iulia, which became practically synonymous with the Emperor for the time being; in the Gospels it always refers to Tiberias.
Cæsar, a title of the Roman emperor
Derivation: of Latin origin;

KJV Usage: Cæsar.

1) the surname of Julius Caesar, which adopted by Octavius Augustus and his successors afterwards became a title, and was appropriated by the Roman emperors as part of their title
Literal: Caesar = "severed"

Of Latin origin; Caesar, a title of the Roman emperor

KJV Usage: Cæsar.

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First 30 of 24 occurrences of G2541 Καῖσαρ

Matthew 22:17 to Caesar,
Matthew 22:21 Caesar's.
Matthew 22:21 to Caesar
Matthew 22:21 Caesar's;
Mark 12:14 to Caesar,
Mark 12:16 Caesar's.
Mark 12:17 to Caesar
Mark 12:17 Caesar's,
Luke 2:1 Caesar
Luke 3:1 Caesar,
Luke 20:22 to Caesar,
Luke 20:24 Caesar's.
Luke 20:25 to Caesar
Luke 20:25 Caesar's,
Luke 23:2 to Caesar,
John 19:12 Caesar's
John 19:12 Caesar.
John 19:15 Caesar.
Acts 11:28 Caesar.
Acts 17:7 of Caesar,
Acts 25:8 Caesar,
Acts 25:10 Caesar's
Acts 25:11 Caesar.
Acts 25:12 Caesar?
Acts 25:12 Caesar
Acts 25:21 Caesar.
Acts 26:32 Caesar.
Acts 27:24 Caesar:
Acts 28:19 to Caesar;
Philippians 4:22 Caesar's

Distinct usage

6 Caesar.
4 to Caesar,
3 Caesar's.
3 to Caesar
3 Caesar's
2 Caesar's,
2 Caesar
2 Caesar,
1 Caesar's;
1 of Caesar,
1 Caesar?
1 Caesar:
1 to Caesar;