G1777 ἔνοχος - Strong's Greek Lexicon Number

LSJ Gloss:
held in
involved in, liable
involved in, held in, hence: liable, generally with dat. (or gen.) of the punishment.
liable to (a condition, penalty or imputation)
Derivation: from G1758;

KJV Usage: in danger of, guilty of, subject to.

liable for
ἔνοχος, -ον (= ἐνεχόμενος),
(in LXX for רָשַׁע hi., etc. ;]
__1. held in, bound by: with genitive (cl. with dative), δουλείας, Heb.2:15.
__2. In law-phrases
__(a) liable to a charge or action (cl. with dative, of crime): with dative, of the tribunal (MM, Exp., xiii), Mat.5:21-22; before εἰς (Field, Notes, 4 f.), Mat.5:22
__(b) with genitive, of the punishment (Gen.26:11): θανάτου,
Refs Mat.26:66, Mrk.14:64
__(with) with genitive (cl. with dative„ rarely with prep.; MM, Exp., xiii), of the crime (
Refs 2Ma.13:6): Mrk.3:29
__(d) with genitive, of the thing injured, guilty (absol., in Cl.):
Refs 1Co.11:27, Jas.2:10
(cf. Isa.54:17; DB, ii, 268a).†
1) bound, under obligation, subject to, liable
1a) used of one who is held by, possessed with love, and zeal for anything
1b) in a forensic sense, denoting the connection of a person either with his crime, or with the penalty or trial, or with that against whom or which he has offended
1b1) guilty, worthy of punishment
1b2) guilty of anything
1b3) of the crime
1b4) of the penalty
1b5) liable to this or that tribunal i.e. the punishment to by imposed by this or that tribunal
1b6) of the place where punishment is to be suffered

From G1758; liable to (a condition, penalty or imputation)

KJV Usage: in danger of, guilty of, subject to.

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10 occurrences of G1777 ἔνοχος

Matthew 5:21 in danger
Matthew 5:22 in danger
Matthew 5:22 in danger
Matthew 5:22 liable
Matthew 26:66 guilty
Mark 3:29 in danger
Mark 14:64 liable
1 Corinthians 11:27 guilty
Hebrews 2:15 subject
James 2:10 guilty

Distinct usage

4 in danger
3 guilty
2 liable
1 subject

Corresponding Hebrew Words

enochos * H502 alaph pi.
enochos H1818 dam
enochos H4191 mut hoph.
enochos H7561 rasha hi.
enochos H7563 rasha

Related words

G1777 ἔνοχος

G1758 ἐνέχω

From G1722 and G2192; to hold in or upon, that is, ensnare; by implication to keep a grudge

KJV Usage: entangle with, have a quarrel against, urge.