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Isaiah 5:25 (IHOT)
  25 H5921 על against H3651 כן   H2734 חרה kindled H639 אף is the anger H3068 יהוה of the LORD H5971 בעמו against his people, H5186 ויט and he hath stretched forth H3027 ידו his hand H5921 עליו   H5221 ויכהו them, and hath smitten H7264 וירגזו did tremble, H2022 ההרים them: and the hills H1961 ותהי torn H5038 נבלתם and their carcasses H5478 כסוחה torn H7130 בקרב in the midst H2351 חוצות of the streets. H3605 בכל For all H2063 זאת this H3808 לא is not H7725 שׁב turned away, H639 אפו his anger H5750 ועוד still. H3027 ידו but his hand H5186 נטויה׃ stretched out