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Numbers 24:7 (IHOT)
  7 H5140 יזל He shall pour H4325 מים the water H1805 מדליו out of his buckets, H2233 וזרעו and his seed H4325 במים waters, H7227 רבים in many H7311 וירם shall be higher H90 מאגג   H4428 מלכו and his king H5375 ותנשׂא shall be exalted. H4438 מלכתו׃ and his kingdom
Isaiah 40:15 (IHOT)
  15 H2005 הן Behold, H1471 גוים the nations H4752 כמר as a drop H1805 מדלי of a bucket, H7834 וכשׁחק as the small dust H3976 מאזנים of the balance: H2803 נחשׁבו and are counted H2005 הן behold, H339 איים the isles H1851 כדק as a very little thing. H5190 יטול׃ he taketh up