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Colossians 2:7 (IGNT)
  7 G4492 (G5772) ερριζωμενοι Having Been Rooted G2532 και And G2026 (G5746) εποικοδομουμενοι Being Built Up G1722 εν In G846 αυτω Him, G2532 και And G950 (G5746) βεβαιουμενοι Being Confirmed G1722 εν In G3588 τη The G4102 πιστει Faith, G2531 καθως Even As G1321 (G5681) εδιδαχθητε Ye Were Taught, G4052 (G5723) περισσευοντες Abounding G1722 εν In G846 αυτη It G1722 εν With G2169 ευχαριστια Thanksgiving.