Song of Songs 1:6 Cross References - Wycliffe

6 Thou spouse, whom my soule loueth, schewe to me, where thou lesewist, where thou restist in myddai; lest Y bigynne to wandre, aftir the flockis of thi felowis.

Ruth 1:19-21

19 And thei yeden forth togidere, and camen in to Bethleem; and whanne thei entriden in to the citee, swift fame roos anentis alle men, and wymmen seiden, This is thilke Noemy. 20 To whiche sche seide, Clepe ye not me Noemy, that is, fair, but `clepe ye me Mara, that is, bittere; for Almyyti God hath fillid me greetli with bitternesse. 21 Y yede out ful, and the Lord ledde me ayen voide; whi therfor clepen ye me Noemy, whom the Lord hath `maad low, and Almyyti God hath turmentid?

Job 30:30

30 My skyn was maad blak on me, and my boonys drieden for heete.

Song of Songs 8:11-12

11 A vyner was to the pesible; in that citee, that hath puplis, he bitook it to keperis; a man bryngith a thousynde platis of siluer for the fruyt therof. 12 The vyner is bifore me; a thousynde ben of thee pesible, and two hundrid to hem that kepen the fruytis therof.

Jeremiah 8:21

21 Y am turmentid, and sori on the sorewe of the douyter of my puple; astonying helde me.

Jeremiah 12:6

6 For whi bothe thi britheren and the hous of thi fadir, yhe, thei fouyten ayens thee, and crieden with ful vois aftir thee; bileue thou not to hem, whanne thei speken goodis to thee.

Lamentations 4:8

8 Heth. The face of hem was maad blackere than coolis, and thei weren not knowun in stretis; the skyn cleuyde to her boonys, it driede, and was maad as a tre.

Micah 7:6

6 For the sone doith wrong to the fadir, and the douyter schal rise ayens hir modir, and the wijf of the sone ayens the modir of hir hosebonde; the enemyes of a man ben the homeli, ether houshold meynee, of hym.

Matthew 10:22

22 And ye schulen be in hate to alle men for my name; but he that shall dwelle stille in to the ende, shal be saaf.

Matthew 10:25

25 it is ynowy to the disciple, that he be as his maistir, and to the seruaunt as his lord. If thei han clepid the hosebonde man Belsabub, hou myche more his houshold meyne?

Matthew 10:35-36

35 For Y cam to departe a man ayens his fadir, and the douytir ayens hir modir, and the sones wijf ayens the housbondis modir; 36 and the enemyes of a man ben `thei, that ben homeli with him.

Mark 4:6

6 And whanne the sunne roos vp, it welewide for heete, and it driede vp, for it hadde no roote.

Luke 12:51-53

51 Wene ye, that Y cam to yyue pees in to erthe? Nay, Y say to you, but departyng. 52 For fro this tyme ther schulen be fyue departid in oon hous; thre schulen be departid ayens tweyne, and tweyne schulen be departid ayens thre; 53 the fadir ayens the sone, and the sone ayens the fadir; the modir ayens the douytir, and the douytir ayens the modir; the hosebondis modir ayens the sones wijf, and and the sones wijf ayens hir hosebondis modir.

Acts 14:22

22 And whanne thei hadden ordeined prestis to hem bi alle citees, and hadden preied with fastyngis, thei bitoken hem to the Lord, in whom thei bileueden.

Galatians 4:29

29 but now as this that was borun after the fleisch pursuede him that was aftir the spirit, so now.

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