Leviticus 15:33 Cross References - Wycliffe

Leviticus 15:19

19 A womman that suffrith the fletyng out of blood, whanne the moneth cometh ayen, schal be departid bi seuene daies; ech man that touchith hir schal be vncleene `til to euentid,

Leviticus 15:24-25

24 A womman that suffrith in many daies the `fletyng out of blood, not in the tyme of monethis, ethir which womman ceessith not to flete out blood aftir the blood of monethis, schal be vncleene as longe as sche `schal be suget to this passioun, as if sche is in the tyme of monethis. 25 Ech bed in which sche slepith, and `vessel in which sche sittith, schal be defoulid.

Leviticus 20:18

18 If a man doith fleischly knowyng with a womman in the flux of monethe, and schewith hir filthe, and sche openeth the welle of hir blood, bothe schulen be slayn fro the myddis of her puple.

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